April 2, 2013

Man After Superman Coming Soon!

Journeyman Theatre Company

Man After Superman by Allen Amdor: Apr 19-28: 7:30
pm Thr-Mon

Finding love in Metropolis can be complicated.
When Dan meets and falls for Lois Lane, who's
freshly out of her last famous relationship, he's
not sure if he can measure up to his super
successor. Lois finds everything she needs in Dan.
Man After Superman takes the audience on the
hilarious adventures of Dan and Lois as they fight
to get past their own baggage, a jealous ex, and
some very questionable uses of X-Ray vision to
find their happily-ever-after.

Directed by Dustin Blakeman.

$10.00 General $8.00 Student

OPENING NIGHT APRIL 19TH- We will be UStreaming
the opening. http://ustre.am/W6ZR

Just Off Broadway Theatre, 3051 Central Street


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