April 24, 2013

KC show opens GayFest!


KC show Cirque du Gay is honored to open GayFest! in Philadelphia this August

Dennis Porter at dennis@happyfacesentertainment.biz or 816-309-2460

Starting four years ago in the Kansas City Fringe Festival, Happy Faces Entertainment's production of Cirque du Gay is now heading across the United States. The show will be the opening two night performances for the three week theater festival on August 6 & 7, 2013. They have enjoyed two successful years with the Kansas City Fringe Fest, where they were selected as the "Best of" both years and highly talked about performances at the New Orleans Fringe Festival. They are honored to be the opening performances for the Philadelphia GayFest! this August. Although unable to attend, the show has also been invited to perform in the New York City Fresh Fruit Festival this summer. They are excited to "expose" new audiences to their unique blend of passion and laughter.

To help with travel costs for their trip, a fundraiser show will be held on Friday, May 3rd starting at 8:00pm at Missie B's, 805 W 39th St., KCMO. The Cirque du Gay Cabaret will feature a variety of local entertainers, as well a some segments from the Cirque du Gay show. This will not be the entire Cirque show, which you will have to wait and see the latest version at this year's KC Fringe Festival.

The full show includes Kansas City natives Dennis Porter and Peyton Westfall as they present a rainbow of entertainment and pure happy fun. After years of playing with audiences of all ages, Porter and Westfall have developed an high-energy adult show that encourages audience participation and interaction for the enjoyment of everyone. Porter and Westfall combine their impressive variety of skills and invite you into a new world of the circus. Experience the adult circus that keeps you laughing with music, dancing, clowning, juggling, puppetry, S&M and even Broadway. We also bare all, as you get a look at what happens behind the circus tent. It's not just a gay thing! "My husband and I attended your show last night. It was smart, funny and very entertaining. We had a fantastic time and laughed all the way home chatting about the show. Thanks!"-Wendy McDermott


"If you can only see one fringe show this is it. These two performers are smooth and slick and have their shtick down. Fun for everyone, with a little skin thrown in!" Richard D. Eberle, KC Stage

"This is NYC, San Francisco (and Paris, bien sûr) caliber talent. The numbers combine music, dance, lip synching, mime and comedy. The costumes were as garish and sometimes comical, as they were gorgeous and creative. The performers are at the top of their game." Joi B., Yelp.com

"Top-notch entertainment, as always Mr. Porter. Thanks for joining us last night!" Damian Blake, Kansas City Society of Burlesque

See Cirque du Gay in action: http://youtu.be/_1AYsmLXVIE

For press-ready photos and cutlines please visit the website at http://www.happyfacesentertainment.biz and click on Cirque du Gay.


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