July 17, 2013

"Merchant of Venice" Auditions

Alcott Arts Center*

"Merchant of Venice" by William Shakespeare:
Directed by Anna Jennings. Auditions dates are on: July 20,21,27 & 28 Sat-Sun from 1 to 4pm each day. Bring resumes and head-shots if possible. Be prepared to do cold readings from the script.
Alcott Arts Center Theatre, 180 S 18th St, (913) 233-2787, www.alcottartscenter.org

"The Merchant of Venice" is the story of money lending, religious faith, and husband finding. In Venice we meet Shylock, a Jewish merchant and father, and Antonio, a Christian merchant, who have money-lending issues, which result in the call for a literal 'pound of flesh' as repayment. In the neighboring city of Belmont we meet Portia, a wealthy unmarried lady whose marriage prospects are dictated by her dead father's wishes. These, in addition to an interesting cast of characters, are sure to entertain you at the Alcott Arts Center's SITPLOT VIII, "The Merchant of Venice." Performances are September 14th, 15th, 21st, and 22nd at 3pm.
We will also be screening one of the past SITPLOT performances each day of auditions for free (you will just have to come by to find out which one is showing). The art galleries will also be open for anyone that wants to drop by.

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