July 10, 2013

Bernice/Butterfly -- 2013 KC Fringe Festival

Phoenix KC Theatre

Phoenix KC Theatre will present Bernice/Butterfly by Nagle Jackson with 5 performances during the 2013 KC Fringe Festival, July 19 - 27.

The show features cast members Marilyn Lynch, Robert Gibby Brand and Donovan Kidd and is directed by Warren Deckert.

Part 1 - Bernice At Bay -- Bernice, a waitress at the O-Kay Diner in a small, dying Kansas town, holds court during the breakfast shift - trading gossip and quips with the regulars. The comic facade fractures as past remembrances and a surprise visitor intrude on the morning.

Part 2 - The Butterfly Effect -- "...a cacophony of butterfly wings fanning us down to dismay..." Randall delivers an annual lecture to the American Philosophical Society. The jargon of his speech touches on such topics as chaos theory and "The Nature of Failure" as he attempts to make some sense out of the series of random small events that have created chaos in his otherwise predictable life.

Bernice At Bay and The Butterfly Effect are companion pieces, related in style and theme. Both shows are at the same venue and are always scheduled consecutively. Audience members are encouraged to see both shows back-to-back on the same evening.

Performance Dates/Times:
Sunday, July 21 -- Bernice At Bay - 1:30 pm/The Butterfly Effect - 3:00 pm
Monday, July 22 -- Bernice At Bay - 6:00 pm/The Butterfly Effect - 7:30 pm
Wednesday, July 24 -- Bernice At Bay - 7:30 pm/The Butterfly Effect - 9:00 pm
Friday, July 26 -- Bernice At Bay - 7:30 pm/The Butterfly Effect - 9:00 pm
Saturday, July 27 -- Bernice At Bay - 9:00 pm/The Butterfly Effect - 10:30 pm
at City Stage in Union Station - 30 West Pershing Road

Tickets are $10.00 to Part 1 - Bernice At Bay and $5.00 to Part 2 - The Butterfly Effect, plus a one-time purchase of a $5.00 2013 Fringe Festival button which is required for access to any KC Fringe Festival event. Tickets and buttons will be on sale through the Fringe Festival website: www.kcfringe.org or at the venue prior to the performances.

More about the show: Bernice/Butterfly first premiered at the Denver Center Theatre Company. It was written specifically for two Denver Center company members and was only recently released for general production.

Phoenix KC Theatre

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