July 11, 2013

KC Stage - Big Changes For KC Stage!

Big changes are in store for KC Stage in the next few months!

KC Stage will become an online-only source of performing arts
information – and it will be 100% FREE! All performance and
audition listings, as well the articles you love to read, will be
available at no charge.

Unfortunately, this also means we will no longer be able to offer a
printed magazine as of August, 2013. As the costs of printing and
mailing continue to rise, providing our readers with a quality
product in a timely manner has become increasingly difficult. We
don't want to have to continue to raise the price of a subscription
just to make it possible to afford the printing and mailing. So,
we've made a decision – one that we feel will allow us to give you
the best version of KC Stage possible.

What does this mean for our loyal subscribers who have paid

If you currently have a paid subscription, we will refund the pro-
rated amount to you following the mailing of the final issue in

Since 1998, KC Stage has been a source of performing arts
information for the greater Kansas City area. Our volunteer staff
has worked hard to keep you aware of performances, auditions, and
pertinent arts news. If you have any questions, please don't
hesitate to direct them to info@kcstage.com, or visit our FAQ
(http://www.kcstage.com/OnlineOnlyFAQ.pdf) regarding this

Additionally, we are looking for folks who are interested in
volunteering their time and love of the arts to KC Stage. If you are
interested in learning more about being part of the KC Stage team,
please contact us at info@kcstage.com.

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