August 6, 2012

12th Night,or What You Will opens FRIDAY

She&Her Productions*

She&Her Productions
Twelfth Night, or What You Will by William
Shakespeare: Aug 10-26: 8 pm Fri-Sat, Mon; 2 pm
August 10… She&Her Productions opens their 2012-13
Season in style with Shakespeare's Twelfth Night,
or What you Will in the newly renovated Just Off
Broadway Theatre. This, the most musical of The
Bard's plays,comes with original music, newly
composed by the play's director, Jeremy Riggs and
promises to be an interesting take on one of the
most beloved and preformed of Shakespeare's great
comedy plays.

Twelfth Night is arguably the most human of all of
the comedies written by Shakespeare.. It contains
something that is so real to the human experience
that it is impossible to walk away without
recognizing some of ourselves in the characters.
It seems to catch the elements of loss, love and
pain that make humanity the feeling creatures that
we are. The director, Jeremy Riggs, uses this
information in his approach to the play, causing a
somewhat darker feel. Under his direction he is
attempting to find the real sense of the emotion
as the play moves through its assigned scenes.
According to Riggs, by putting the focus on the
reality of the situation in which the characters
find themselves, an honesty arises that makes one
recognize and empathize with the characters in the

Although a somewhat darker approach is taken,
there are still plenty of laughs in the show.
From the preening, self-loving Malvolio and the
loud, over-lubricated Sir Toby, to the fun loving
and witty Feste and the boisterous, dim-witted Sir
Andrew all weaving themselves in and out of the
story, building a web of deceit and revenge that
ends with hilarity and madness.

Riggs, in addition to directing, also lends his
expertise as a stunt and fight director to the
action of the play. Several daring duels, very
much in the spirit of Robin Hood and The Princess
Bride have been staged. The combatants, Fight
Captained by Garrett Lawson, who also plays Sir
Andrew Aguecheek, swing rapiers and fists as the
plays fights progress the narrative.

Twelfth Night, or What You Will opens August 10th
and runs weekends through August 26th. All Show
at 8:00 PM except Sunday Matinees at 2:00 PM.
All performances will be at the Just Off Broadway
Theatre, located at 31st Street and Broadway in
Kansas City, MO.

Directed by Jeremy Riggs.
$10- $18. Just Off Broadway Theatre, 3051 Central
Street, (816) 405-9200, (Suitable for

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