July 4, 2012

"Hamlet" production needs an Ophelia

Alcott Arts Center*

Audition for "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare: Jul 5-12: 4 pm Directed by Anna Jennings and Lindsey Adams.
We had a great turn out for the auditions but we are still on the hunt for our Ophelia. If anyone knows of someone, please send them our way.ASAP! We need her to be able to play crazy (like out-there-batty-crazy!) and she needs to be 16-25ish., Just contact us and we can set up an appointment to audition!
These days are call days and the times set are the best time to reach someone real to set up your appointment.
or sitplot@alcottartscenter.org
Alcott Arts Center Theatre, 180 S 18th St, (913) 233-2787, www.alcottartscenter.org

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