July 27, 2012

David Gaines Workshop THIS Tuesday!

David Gaines Workshop

3 hour workshop

$40 - limited to 20 participants

Reserve by calling Beth Byrd-Lonski
at: 816-305-8188


David Gaines (the performer and creator of "7 (X1)Samurai" at the KC Fringe Festival) is a specialist in the field of stage movement and actor training
through movement. His workshops encompass not only basic concepts of
coordination, timing, rhythm, and grace, but also spatial awareness, mime
technique, dramatic presence, and the fundamentals of mask work.

Trained as a student at the famous Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, he later was
invited to teach there as professor of movement, mask-work, and

In addition, he was a director and performer for ten years with THE
MOVING PICTURE MIME SHOW, in London, England - a company which
was invited to every major theatre festival in the world, from Hong-Kong to
Edinburgh, and from New York to Vancouver.

The goals of every workshop are:

* To develop articulation, clarity, and responsiveness; the ability to behave
naturally while making imaginative choices on stage.

* To convey the concept of "allowing" rather than "forcing" actions to
take place and to show how this concept applies to acting and improvisation.

* To teach actors to make conscious use of the space around them to
and motivate their actions.

Fundamentals of Movement
Neutral Mask
Animal Movement
Larval Mask
Interaction in Improvisation
Commedia Dell' Arte
Pantomime Blanche
Techniques of Clowning

Mr. Gaines offers an overview of the fundamental concepts of the Lecoq
pedagogy and an introduction to the process and technique of performing
with masks. Physical exercises are followed by work on presence, space, and
improvisation. The improvisations address the concepts of dramatic
presence, use of space, neutral acting, clarity, focus, and attention to the
"seed" event.

Students from all over the world travel to Paris to study at the Ecole Lecoq,
whose former students include Ariane Mnouchkine (Theatre du Soleil),
Steven Berkoff, Geoffrey Rush, Yasmina Reza, and the core members of
Theatre de la Jeune Lune. Now your students can benefit from the same
training. If you would like to find out why the Lecoq approach is considered
the best movement training an actor can get, you are invited to take
advantage of Mr. Gaines' current availability.

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