June 8, 2012

The Suppliant Maidens

Gorilla Theatre Productions

The Start of the War on Women

The 21st annual Greek Show
The Suppliant Maidens by Aeschylus

On the South steps of
the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
7:30am Saturday and Sunday
June 30th and July 1st, 2012 .

Suppliants is on of the oldest surviving Greek tragedy It was probably first performed sometime after 470 BC as the first play in a trilogy, sometimes referred to as the Danaid Tetralogy. The second play of which, the Aegyptioi dealt with the sons of Egyptus winning the hands of the Danaids, and the culminating play, the Danaids, dealt with the plot of the Danaids to kill their husbands on the wedding night. But all we have is this play. The Suppliants~ The Danaids form the chorus and serve as the protagonists. They flee a forced marriage to their Egyptian cousins. When the Danaides reach Argos, they entreat King Pelasgus to protect them. He refuses pending the decision of the Argive people, who ...decide in the favor of the Danaids. Danaus rejoices the outcome, and the Danaids praise the Greek gods. Almost immediately, a herald of the Egyptians comes to attempt to force the Danaids to return to their cousins for marriage. Pelasgus arrives, threatens the herald, and urges t!
he Danaids to remain within the walls of Argos. The play ends with the Danaids retreating into the Argive walls, protected.
The play this year will be Directed by Daivd Brisco Luby with original live music by Beau Bledsoe and musicians Pat Conway and Brad Cox. Choreography of the Chorus will be by Latra Wilson. Alice Morton is the Costumes Designer and Richard Van Cleve will be the Scenic and Mask Designer. Cast List: the CHORUS of the Daughters of Danaüs- Mie Joiee McClindon, Ebonee Grace Workcuff, Anna Adelman, Isabela Colman, Carol Leighton, Jess Molton, Amie Clarke; DANAÜS king of Egypt- Jimmy Calderon; PELASGUS, King of Argos-Michael Patton; HERALD of the Sons of Aegyptus-Mark Bryant; Guards and Attendants - Chris Odem, Frank McCabe, Montana McDaniel, Khalil Odums, Micah Thompson and Keyon Woods.
Gorilla Theatre is working its way through all surviving Greek plays without repeating. This will be the last play of the playwright Aeschylus Gorilla theatre will need perform during it's annual Summer Greek Show for we have done all of the others.

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