June 11, 2012

She&Her Productions 2012-2013 Season

SHE&HER PRODUCTIONS 2012-2013 Season

12th Night or What you Will by William Shakespeare
August 10-26
Directed by Jeremy Riggs

A melancholy romp where the path of passion
teeters between love and madness. Is love a
guarantee or is it merely an illusion created by a
hopeful heart?
If music is the food of love, play on.
Performed at the Just Off Broadway Theatre

NEXT TO NORMAL book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey and
music by Tom Kitt
November 2-18
Directed by Tiffany Garrison-Schweigert
"NEXT TO NORMAL is a brave, breathtaking
Musical...It is something
much more than a feel-good musical. It is a feel-
everything musical."—
The New York Times

Winner: Three 2009 Tony Awards® and 2010 Pulitzer
Prize! Meet Diana–sexy, sharp and desperately
trying to hold on to her family, including husband
Dan–handsome, genuine and hard-working,
struggling to juggle being a father and a husband.
Welcome to the world of NEXT TO NORMAL, the
brilliant, evocative winner of the 2010 Pulitzer
Prize that takes us inside the lives of a typical
American family that's anything but typical.
Contains Strong Language and Themes. A KANSAS CITY
Performed at the Just Off Broadway Theatre

March 15-31
Directed by Tiffany Garrison-Schweigert
From one of musical theatre's most exciting new
composers comes ORDINARY DAYS, a refreshingly
honest and funny musical about making real
connections in the city that never sleeps (but
probably should at some point.) ORDINARY DAYS
tells the story of four young New Yorkers whose
lives intersect as they search for fulfillment,
happiness, love and cabs. Through a score of
vibrant and memorable songs, their experiences
ring startlingly true to life. ORDINARY DAYS is an
original musical for anyone who's ever struggled
to appreciate the simple things in a complex
place. With equal doses of humor and poignancy, it
celebrates how 8.3 million individual stories
combine in unexpected ways to make New York City
such a unique and extraordinary home.

A Feminine Ending by Sarah Treem
May 10-18
Directed by Taylor St. John

Amanda, twenty-five, wants to be a great composer.
But at the moment, she's living in New York City
and writing advertising jingles to pay the rent
while her fiancé, Jack, pursues his singing
career. So when Amanda's mother, Kim, calls one
evening from New Hampshire and asks for her help
with something she can't discuss over the phone,
Amanda is only too happy to leave New York. Once
home, Kim reveals that she's leaving Amanda's
father and needs help packing. Amanda balks and
ends up (gently) hitting the postman, who happens
to be her first boyfriend. They spend the night
together in an apple orchard, where Amanda tries
to tell Billy how her life got sidetracked. It has
something to do with being a young woman in a
profession that only recognizes famous men. Billy
acts like he might have the answer, but doesn't.
Neither does Amanda's mother. Or, for that
matter,her father. A Feminine Ending is a gentle,
bittersweet comedy about a girl who knows what she
wants but not quite how to get it. Her parents are
getting divorced, her fiancée is almost famous,
her first love reappears, and there's a lot of
noise in her head but none of it is music. Until

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