June 1, 2012

{PR} June's KC Stage now on sale

June's issue, on it's way to subscribers, is just filled to the brim with fun and exciting stuff. In fact, we added an extra four pages! If you would like to see a copy, single issues are available for $5 at the Barnes & Noble on the Plaza, and are also available to buy online at http://kcstage.magcloud.com/.

Here's a sample of what's in store for subscribers:

* Spotlight on Marcus Mull: "Can you describe a typical day at work? Running a small business has new surprises every day. Helping run a small theatre business never has a typical day." In this Q&A by Jeanne Beechwood, you'll hear all about Martin City Melodrama's Marcus Mull.

* Gladstone Theatre in the Park Celebrates 25 Years: "In 1988, Van and Susie Ibsen of Ibsen Dance Theatre decided that their community needed local opportunities to participate in theatre so that they wouldn't have to drive so far south." Jamie Lin covers the beginning and history of Gladstone Theatre in the Park.

* Hanging Fringe on the Arch: St. Louis Starts Fringe Festival: "I don't know if this is happening in the rest of the country, but I know in St. Louis definitely there's been this incredible wave of the creative culture, and this real hunger for things that are new and things that are visceral and things that really push the status quo and really challenge what is it to make art and what is it to have a distinct culture and what is it that we have that defines that." Angie Fiedler talks with Emily Piro about the new Fringe Festival in St. Louis in June. You can also read this article at her blog - http://angiefsutton.wordpress.com/.

* Heart of America Shakespeare Festival: 20 Years Under the Stars: "On a rainy June evening in 1993, the inaugural production of the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, 'The Tempest', opened in Southmoreland Park. For Marilyn Strauss, the festival's founder, this was 'such stuff / As dreams are made on.' Yet realizing an outdoor, professional, free summer Shakespeare production was a hard-won battle, and no one could predict its future over the next two decades." So starts Thomas Canfield's article on the history of the HASF, celebrating 20 years this summer.

* The View from the Bench: Two Weeks as a Reality Show Drama Critic: "The brainchild of Hanson and Erich McGrew, the show takes the classic 'talent show' format and brings it into the theatre world. Five local playwrights have been selected: over the next two weeks, they will produce plays to order, with stringent conditions and a merciless deadline." So writes Kelly Luck of her experiences as being a judge of Project Playwright.

* The recipients of the Cappies and the Blue Star Awards, both celebrating ten years.

* Notes: six arts news snippets. More arts news gets posted on our blog ( www.kcstage.com/blog ) regularly.

All this and the usual listings of performances, auditions, and film clips - just for only $4 a month if you become a subscriber for one year. More information online at www.kcstage.com/subscribe.

And once again, we're having our Tony Awards contest: Do you have a flair for knowing who will win? More information at http://kwiksurveys.com?u=Tony2012 - but hurry, the contest ends June 10!

Any suggestions or comments? E-mail us at magazine@kcstage.com with your feedback as to what we could include to entice you to subscribe.

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