June 19, 2015

The Robin Hood Files

Alcott Arts Center

The Robin Hood Files by Phil Tuffin 'By arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts': Saturday Jun 20@7pm and Sunday June 21@3 pm Last two shows!
Inspector Green and Constable Wood are trying to identify the real Robin Hood from four suspects who may have robbed the Bishop of Hereford. Through cunning use of reconstructions, the various suspects present their cases. $8 general admission Ages 12 & under and Senior citizens $6

Directed by Katie Lee.
Featuring Dani Saunders, Eva Kading, Anthony Cusumano, Dean Foreman, Jenna Bickelhaupt, Jesse Cruz, Dakota Garrison, Zoe Lockwood-Green, Isabel Abio, Alexander Gerardy, Ivy Gerardy, Josephine Gerardy, Victoria Gerardy, and Harley Carolus.

Alcott Arts Center Theatre, 180 S 18th St in Kansas City Kansas
(913) 233-2787, www.alcottartscenter.org
(Suitable for Everyone)
Alcott is not yet ADA Accessible, sorry.

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