August 19, 2014

KC Improv Festival Workshops - Sept. 2014

Contact: Rita Marks
Marketing Manager - 816-806-4000

Kansas City, MO, August 15, 2014 — KC Improv Festival Workshops

Weekend 1: Saturday, September 6

10 AM

Twinprov | Mind-Breaker (newish, experienced, veteran), Kick Comedy Theatre - 4010 Pennsylvania, KC MO 64111

Are in your head too much during a scene? Do you find yourself playing it safe on stage? Is improv beginning to feel like work? Then it's time for you get your mind broken, Vrazel-style. As improvisers gain experience and skill, we become safe and complacent, and scenes become predictable and unsatisfying. In this workshop, you'll learn practical techniques for silencing your inner critic, destroying expectations and obligatory playing, and unleashing the creative demon within. By the end, 15-year improv veterans Buck and Clint will have you Vrazelling out with them - making bold choices, taking risks, and best of all surprising yourself in the process.

Baby Wants Candy | BABY WANTS CANDY FOR BEGINNERS, ComedyCity - 3600 Broadway, KC MO 64111

Have you ever wanted to try improvising? Learn musical improv from the best! Internationally renowned award-winning Chicago and New York ensemble, Baby Wants Candy, invites you to learn how to improvise songs and play in a more free, fast and fun style.

1:30 PM

Twinprov | ZOOM!: Kickass Physicality, Kick Comedy Theatre - 4010 Pennsylvania, KC MO 64111

In improv we can be anywhere or anything – so why are so many scenes between two average people in an undefined space with a refrigerator? Ever wish the yammering would stop and the fun would begin? Buck and Clint Vrazel (Twinprov, Villain The Musical) Followed that desire to create ZOOM!, a completely wordless improv show inspired by movie special effects, kung-fu and anime, cartoons and Mr. Bean. It began as an experiment that became a class, then a group, and then ZOOM! played at the Chicago Improv Festival. Now you ZOOM! ZOOM! Techniques will open your eyes to possibility and supercharge your physicality and teamwork. Learn new ways to let your body do the talking, make the impossible real, defeat your enemies, and bend time and space to have adventures that would make the Doctor jealous.

Baby Wants Candy | BABY WANTS CANDY ADVANCED, ComedyCity - 3600 Broadway, KC MO 64111

Learn how to create strong characters, build comedic chemistry through dramatic and grounded scene work, play the game of the scene, and even how to improvise songs. This class is not for the novice - we will be moving at an intense, accelerated rate, providing personal feedback and critical analysis of the play at hand. A fundamental understanding of improvisation and/or other performing arts is strongly recommended.

Weekend 2: Saturday, September 13

10 AM

Rick Andrews | Living the Character (all levels), Off Center Theatre at Crown Center - 2450 Grand Blvd, KC MO 64111

Character is a fantastic tool; we'll spend our time in this workshop expanding our character ranges and committing hard to the simple consistent behaviors that will help create great characters. We'll use our bodies to connect to new ideas, and open up completely new worlds by connecting to who we are and how we behave in the scene.

1:30 PM

Rick Andrews | Play Game without Thinking (experienced, advanced), Off Center Theatre at Crown Center - 2450 Grand Blvd, KC MO 64111

Finding a game to a scene and heightening that game is one way to make a successful scene. However, pattern play can often get folks stuck in their heads. We'll spend less time thinking, "what's the game of this scene." and more time actually playing it. Focus in on the simple improv behaviors that will help us create fun patterns and rich, tight scenework.


Beginner (no improv experience at all—look for classes that say "all levels")
Newish (2 years of improv study or less)
Experienced (2+ years of improv study/performance experience)
Veteran (5+ years of improv study/performance)

Registration prices

One class: $40
Two classes: $75 (save $5)
Three classes: $95 (save $10)
Four classes: $120 (save $25)

Other notes

Classes are scheduled to last 2 1/2 hours. Your instructor may choose to go longer—but we're guessing you won't complain.

Please read the workshop descriptions carefully and make sure you sign up for the classes you want to take. This close to the festival, we will be unable to make changes once your registration has been processed.


Classes designated as "all levels" are open to people ages 15yo and up. Newish, Experienced and Veteran classes are open to people 17yo and up.

Rick Andrews' classes are limited to 16.
Baby Wants Candy classes are limited to 15.
Twinprov Zoom limited to 10 and Mindbreaker to 12.

Workshops will start on time! Please plan to arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes before class starts so you have a chance to sign in.

Wear close-toed shoes and clothes you can move in. Bring stuff to write with and on, a bottle of water to stay hydrated, and maybe a protein bar if you're the type to get hangry.

Follow @kcimprov on Twitter for the latest news, including information on what to do in case of crazy weather, disaster-movie-type destruction or other weirdness.

As a KCiF 14 workshop student, you can buy at ticket in advance at a discount—just ask for the student rate. (These discounts are for workshop students only—if you want to get your friends in cheap, tell them to sign up for classes.)




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