August 25, 2014

Call for Directors - OCTA - Deadline Sept 15

Directors wanted. Passion required!

The board of directors of the Olathe Civic Theater
Association (OCTA) is looking for directors to
bring to life an exciting 2015-2016 season. We're
inviting you to submit a slate of no more than
three scripts you'd like to direct at OCTA (any
additional scripts beyond the first three listed
will not be considered).

Send them to us at, accompanied by
your theatrical resume, by September 15, 2014.
Additionally, please indicate the months of the
year, from late Fall 2015 to late Spring 2016,
that you are available.

This year OCTA is selecting its season based on
submissions from directors and selections from the
OCTA Season Selection Committee. We encourage all
directors to submit shows that you have a passion
for. An important consideration to keep in mind
when you submit shows to OCTA is that our season
is typically five shows, one or two of which may
be a musical. The rest of the season is usually a
mix of comedies and dramas. For the best chance of
having one of your scripts selected, please
include a variety of genres in your submission.
If, however, there's one show that's your dream
show, please submit it. We'll review it and see
if we can fit it into our season. At OCTA, we
respect and encourage your passion for the

Also take into consideration that OCTA productions
have certainly stretched and put our wonderfully
intimate theatre facility to the test, but the
OCTA stage and theater are geared toward smaller
shows - although many of our past productions have
used imaginative staging within the space. Our
stage dimensions are available upon request to use
as a guideline as you consider your submissions.
You can also request a list of past shows to give
you a sense what we've done before. Don't be
afraid to submit a show that you see on the list!
We're open to reviving a production from our

At OCTA we own our building. You have access to
the performance space for rehearsals from day one,
so you won't have to lug props or costumes from
one location to another. Also, we don't interfere
with your artistic decisions: Show us you can do
it and we'll help make it possible!

If one of your submissions is considered for our
season, we'll contact you to set up an interview.
OCTA is a great place to bring your theatrical
artistry alive, and we hope you'll consider
partnering with us to produce a great piece of
theater. We look forward to seeing your
submissions no later than September 15, 2014.

We will review the submissions and let candidates
know if we would like to set up and interview in
the weeks following mid-September. We aim to have
our season selected by December.


Ellie DeShon
Chair, OCTA Season Selection Committee

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