August 20, 2014

Celtic Folklore Lecture and Workshop

Alcott Arts Center

Celtic Folklore Lecture by Jane Nichols: Aug 23: 7 pm Sat
Whether you are Celtic or just curious come to the Alcott Arts
Center at 180 S. 18th Street in Kansas City, KS (66102—just off
the I-70 Highway, opposite the Sunfresh Market Mall) on August
23, 2014 7-9 pm for a lecture on Celtic (always said with a hard
"C") Myth, given by Lady Fiona nic Gormliatha, an Irish
businesswoman from the time of Richard I (called Lionheart).
Lady Fiona's legal name is Jane Nichols, but she spends a lot of
her time in the world of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a
group that likes to re-create the Middle Ages. She has taught
this class since 1992, through the Communiversity program at
UMKC, also at the Lilies War, held the first full week of June out
at Smithville Lake where roughly 2000 or so people camp out &
get medieval with safety first fighting, archery, shopping, classes
& fireworks. In spite of this, it is a different class every time, a 6
page handout will be provided that will hopefully keep her on
track, the Four Great Holidays of the Celts & their major deities &
hero tales of Ireland, Wales & the Continent (those Celts got
But Wait, that's not all—remember that Fiona is a Medieval
businesswoman? Her knitted fiberart will be on display including
the Viking rune sweater she crafted (with runes) for her late
husband Phillippe de Mortain—and there will be finger food of
the Middle Ages, pickles, Dubliner cheese & hais (a confection
from the Crusades made of dates, nuts, breadcrumbs & sugar
held together with melted butter) and maybe some candied
So come for an evening of stories & fun and get a small taste of
the Middle Ages!
Galleries are open during every event.
Sorry the Alcott is not yet ADA Accessible.

Alcott Arts Center Theatre,
180 S 18th St, Kansas City, Kansas 66102
(913) 233-2787,

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