June 13, 2014

Hansel and Gretel the Musical

Alcott Arts Center

Encore Performances!
"Hansel and Gretel" the Musical Lyrics by Malcolm Brown Script
and score by David Barrett by arrangement with Yellowbrick
Publications: June 13-Jun 14: 7 pm Fri-Sat
A musical play based on the well-known tale but the witch does
not die in this version. The duration is around one hour. Hansel
and Gretel are left in the forest by their parents, who are too
poor to feed them. Lost, they stumble upon an old cottage,
unaware that a witch lives there. Hansel is captured by the witch
but happily a band of forest elves come to the rescue. The Alcott
is NOT ADA Accessible,yet. Directed by Katya Mason Woolard
Featuring Hansel & Gretel Cast
Hansel - Dakota Garrison
Gretel - Elise Allee
Witch - Victoria Gerardy
Father - Alex Allee
Mother - Victoria Gerardy
Villager 1 - Harley Carolus
Villager 2 - Bailey Allee
Villagers - All Cast
The Crow - Harley Carolus
Animals - Alex Allee, Zoe Green Lockwood, Bailey Allee
The Good Elf - Alex Allee
Elves - Harley Carolus, Zoe Green Lockwood, Bailey Allee
Production crew: Robert &Joselyn Carolus
Set Design: Chris Green
$8.00. Alcott Arts Center Theatre, 180 S 18th St, (913) 233-
2787, www.alcottartscenter.org (Suitable for Everyone)

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