June 9, 2014


Murder! Exile! Sexual Frustration! Daddy Fixation!
Mommy Dearest! And Revenge!
Gorilla Theatre Productions Presents Euripides
"Electra." On 28th and 29th June, at 7:30 AM,
Kansas City's own Gorilla Theatre will present
their production of Euripides' tragedy, "Electra,"
on the South Steps of the Nelson-Atkins Museum in
Kansas City. This production marks the 23rd
annual production by Gorilla Theatre. The play
tells the story of the return of Agamemnon's son,
Orestes, to Argos to avenge the murder of his
father, following his triumphant return from Troy.
In Euripides' hands, this becomes a family drama
of lives ruined by violence. At the center of the
drama is Agamemnon's daughter, Electra, embittered
and angry at the privileged life torn from her by
her mother, Clytemnestra, and the mother's lover,
Aegisthus. Electra will stop at nothing to get
her revenge.

The show begins at 7:30 AM, but come early to get
a good seat by Rodin's "Thinker." Bring a lawn
chair on which to sit, as the grass is quite dewy
early in the AM. The production is free, but
donations are gratefully accepted, so please
remember to "feed the Gorillas."

Adapted and Directed by James Dean Carter
Musical Direction and Composition by Pat Conway
Costume Design by Brittany Strelluf
Sets Design by Chester White
Sound Design is by Leo Wetherill
Stage Manager Micah Thomson
Featuring Jan Cohick on keyboards an Mark Cohick
on multiple wind instruments
Cast List for Elektra
Elektra- Meredith Wolfe
Orestes- Ben Husman
Peasant- Bernard Norcott-Mahany
Pylades- Michael Adams
Messenger- John Van Winkle
Old Man- Ray Ettinger
Klytaemestra- Breanna Danneille Swatzell
Chorus- Michelle Stelting
Velicia Daniels
Mie Joiee McClinton
Emmeline McCabe
Ebonee Grace Workcuff
Kastor- Michael Patton
Polydeuces- Joe Whalen
Various servant roles-
Carol Leighton
Mark Bryant
Khalil Odums
Ayrin Duncan

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