May 9, 2012

CRISSCROSS - a play for 2012 KC Fringe Festival

June 1, 2012

CRISSCROSS - a play at the upcoming KC Fringe Festival 2012

What happens when a woman loves and desires two men and all
are friends? Trouble, that's what. CRISSCROSS revels in secrets
and lies and all that remains unspoken within three intertwining

CRISSCROSS will have its world premier at the upcoming KC
Fringe Festival at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theater for four
performances. Written and Directed by artist book author and
interviewer, Mark Katzman, CRISSCROSS was developed and had
a staged reading at the Downeast Arts Center, East Village, NY.
The play stars Sarah Pinzl, Sam Cordes, and Kyle Dyke.

CRISSCROSS show times: Sat. Jul 21, 11:00 pm; Sun. July 22, 3:30
pm; Thurs. July 26, 6:30 pm; Say. July 28,8 pm.

Call/Online at Fringe
for Ticket Prices. Metropolitan Ensemble Theater, 3614 Main,
(Adult Fare)

((See Kansas City Star "Style" Section April 29, 1992, for a feature
article on Mark Katzman and the publication of his artists books.

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