March 16, 2012

summer reading guide

In October 2010, "KC Stage Magazine" ran a 'Fall Reading Guide', short book recommendations that were books you would put on a fictitious 'study guide'. ( to read the article online)

We're now hoping to do a 'summer reading guide', books that are more for the fun of it (fiction or non-fiction) that relate to the performing arts in some way (i.e., biographiers or autobiographies of performing artists, fiction books where the plot takes place at a theatre, etc.). For example, I may include a shorter version of my recommendation of "P.S. Your Cat is Dead" (

I'm not looking for full reviews/recommendations here - just a short paragraph or two as to what it's about and why you recommend this book specifically. Please include at the top the title, author, published date, publisher of the book, and how you want your name to appear in the article. (A link to where it is on Amazon would be helpful, but not required.)

Deadline is April 10 to be put into our May issue.

E-mail me at with any questions or input.

Angie Fiedler Sutton
Associate Editor
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