March 5, 2012

Come on in, the water's fine!

The 2012 Martin Tanner Tuesdays series starts tomorrow night, March 6 at 7:30p.m.

"Swimming in the Shallows" by Adam Bock is directed by Erin Merritt, who founded the all-female Shakespeare company in San Francisco!

This quirky and touching comedy kicks off our year in a new space and on a new night. Our readings are now on the first Tuesday of the month and are held at the Kansas City Irish Center, downstairs at Union Station (30 W Pershing Road, Suite 700, KC MO). Go to and/or our Facebook page for details and updates.

Martin Tanner Tuesdays are FREE! And now you can enjoy a Guinness on tap while being entertained by some of our best local actors:

Cynthia Hyer
Matt Rapport
Doogin Brown
Meghann Henry
Diane Bulan
Peter Leondedis

Meet the characters:
Barb—she heard that Buddhist monks only own 8 things, and she has 9 pens in her purse right now.
Bob—if his wife leaves him, should he buy her a new Buick?
Carla Carla—she's not about to marry a liar a cheat a sneak.
Donna—which does she want more, marriage or one more cigarette?
Nick—does he really love the mako shark, or is it just infatuation?
Shark—the most graceful most beautifully proportioned fastest meanest-looking animal on earth.

Don't miss Swimming in the Shallows! "(T)his vaguely metaphorical, seriously silly one-act is too unusual, too casually surreal, to be disregarded." (Mike Schulz, River City News)
"In this show, love is risky, delirious, and utterly charming. Swimming in the Shallows causes a comic rapture of the deep." (Joe Mader, SF Weekly)

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