March 20, 2012

Giant Puppet Time

StoneLion Puppet Theatre is once again putting on a giant puppet show Mother's Day for Mother Earth. This spectacle will take place at Theis Mall just South of the The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art at Volker and Oak at the amphitheater. May 13, 2012 2 p.m. show time.

"The Spirit of the North" will recreate the polar ice cap with large sets, larger than life puppets, dance and original music. Polar Bears, seals, a giant Orca, the Green House Gas oOnster and more....

We are currently casting core company, dance company, minor roles and kids section.

All levels of time commintment from "only on the weekend of the performance" to core members requireing rehearsal time scattered in April are open. Pay rate is dependent on time commitment.

Children from 2 and up are welcome to join our event. Costume pieces and puppets are provided and are theirs to keep.

Please call 816-221-5351 or email.

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