November 2, 2014

River City Players present ANY NUMBER CAN DIE by Fred Carmichael

For Immediate Release

The River City Players announce their fall production of Fred Carmichael's Any Number Can Die. This show is an enormously entertaining send-up of the mystery genre (think Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians). The play dates are November 7-8, 2014 and November 14-15, 2014. The production will be held at the VFW Post 4052 located at 3109 Franklin Ave. in Lexington, Missouri 64067.

The play opens with a present-day prologue in which a young couple, Chuck and Judy (Sharon Propst and Ron Rusinger) happen upon an eerie old mansion called Raven's Head, located on a deserted island (naturally!) off the coast of North Carolina. The prevailing atmosphere of dread sets the scene for a retelling of the eerie goings-on here in the late 1920's, which form the rest of the play. You're in for anything you might expect and then some. A diverse group gathers for the midnight reading of the will of Mr. Cedric Russell, the late owner of Raven's Head. According to Ernestine Wintergreen (Debbie McGrane), who arrives at the mansion with Russell's niece, Sally VanViller (Linda Geary), the place "looks like the House of Usher just before it fell."
Also present for the reading are Sally's aunt Celia Lathrop (Sheila Lee) and her husband TJ (James Owens), who couldn't be more eager to come into some money, as TJ has gone broke investing in Arabian oil (!) and they've just about exhausted the last of Celia's wealth. Yalie Carter Forstman (Ron Ruisinger) and journalist Jack Regent (Alex Phillips) are also there, both vying for Sally's romantic attention. Roger Masters (Jerry Hedges) presides over the reading of the will to begin with, and lawyer Hannibal Hix (Pete Berney) shows up eventually. The ensemble simply wouldn't be complete without the ominous Haitian servant Zenia (Jan Henrikson) and her husband Edgars (Earl Parris).

It soon comes to light that someone among these is here under false pretenses, and the plot takes off. A storm rages, a portentous owl hoots, mysterious things happen when the lights go out, a cloaked villain appears, an enigmatic poem is discovered, and in all the comings and goings at a certain point one of the characters exclaims, "We were all supposed to stay in our rooms, but this place is like a Shriners' parade!"

Sharon Propst will direct the production and Diane Dunford will serve as stage-manager. Jeff Propst is the Sound Designer and Technical Advisor for the production.

Dinner theatre will be held all nights of the production, November 7-8, 2014 and November 14-15, 2014, beginning at 6:30 p.m. with curtain time for the show at 7:45 p.m. Dinner is catered by NADLER'S OF WELLINGTON, Inc. Tickets are $21/person (11-adult) and $14/child (0-10 years) for dinner theatre and $10/adult and $6/children for show only. Dinner Theatre reservations must be made in advance (by the Friday one week prior to performance weekend). Dinner Theatre seating is limited so make your reservations early!

Tickets are on sale and may be purchased on line @ www.rcplayers or at the following Lexington locations: Bank Midwest, B & L Bank or any cast member; The Red Shanty in Higginsville, MO and B & L Bank in Odessa, MO.

For more information, please contact RCP at (816) 877-7114 or visit RCP's website at:

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