September 29, 2014

What Happened?! continues its 2014 season with Troll2



Michael Foster- Foster Child Entertainment

Local Comedians Give Insights and Hurl Insults at Terrible Movies Every Month

What Happened?! Continues Its 2014 Season with the Infamous Troll 2

Kansas City, MO, September 28th, 2014 — Dale Maxfield of is teaming up with Foster Child
Entertainment once again to answer What Happened?!
What Happened?! is a behind-the-scenes presentation and live screening of some of the worst films ever made.
Learn and laugh at Screenland Crown Center this fall.

Similar to Mystery Science Theater or the Benson Interruption, What Happened?! features a live screening of a
film with guest comedians and their hilarious commentary. Maxfield, a dedicated film critic, also gives
background information about each film and the most probable reasons it has a horrendously low rating on
Rotten Tomatoes.
Troll 2, the film featured in the documentary Best Worst Movie, will be screened on October 17th. The movie has
a cult following and is considered one of the most terrible movies of all time. Troll 2 centers around a
vacationing family that discovers the town of Nilbog is inhabited by goblins. Fans will enjoy the jokes from
Maxfield and his team as well as learn if there was a Troll 1, and why is the film called Troll 2 when it concerns
Maxfield and company will roast a new movie every 3rd Friday at 8:30pm at Screenland Crown Center during its
2014 season:
October 17th: Troll 2
November 21st: The Cat in the Hat
December 19th: Jingle All the Way
The film and the live riff are rated PG-13. Tickets are available for $11 online or $13 at the door. $6 at the door
with valid student id. Produced by Foster Child Entertainment.

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