October 22, 2012

Waiting for MacArthur Salutes Veterans

Corbin Theatre Company

Waiting for MacArthur by By P. Paullette MacDougal: Nov 1-10: 7:30 pm Thr-Sat
Corbin Theatre salutes veterans with "Waiting For MacArthur" by P. Paullette MacDougal beginning Nov. 1. The play is a gripping WWII story about the courage and valor of the the Army nursing corps (Nancy Eppert-director). Performances of will be Nov. 1-3,8-10 (7:30 p.m.); 15 N. Water, Liberty, Mo.

An army nurse feels the war closing in on Corregidor as she corresponds with her mother, teacher, and best friend. Friendships change, courtships go amiss and family bonds stress or strengthen. Directed by Nancy Eppert, nkeppert@gmail.com. Featuring Felisha Marie Caldiera, Rebecca Dempsey, Linda Levin, and Blair Waite.

Tickets are $12 ($6 - half price for veterans). Corbin Theatre Company, 15 N Water St, (816) 476-2705, www.corbintheatre.org (Adult Fare)of "Corbin Theatre Company" on Facebook, twitter @CorbinTheatre

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