October 13, 2012

Once Upon A Mattress Pess Release

The Belton High School Theatre Department invites you to revisit your childhood with the Broadway production of Once Upon A Mattress! It will be presented on November 8th-10th at 7pm and November 11th at 2pm. Tickets cost $6.00 for students and $7.00 for adults. Tickets will be available at the door the day of the performance.

Once Upon a Mattress is a retelling of Princess and the Pea with a twist. Due to a curse, King Sextimus is left unable to speak. Meanwhile his wife Queen Aggravain has taken over control of the kingdom. In an attempt to keep her son, Prince Dauntless, single she has decreed that only the princess who can pass her impossible test can marry her son. Further, no one else in the kingdom is able to marry until Prince Dauntless does. Luckily, Sir Harry is able to find an amazing princess, Winnifred the Woebegone. She instantly catches the attention of the prince, and is put through the Queen's impossible test!

The cast of Once Upon a Mattress includes Jessica Dolan as Queen Aggravain; Brady Brock King Sextimus; James Keller as Prince Dauntless; Lara Ware as Princess Winnifred; Julia Pope as Lady Larken; Robbie Clasen as Sir Harry; Dennis Tong as the Jester; Jacob Armond as the Minstrel; Rusty Phillips as the Wizard; Sadie Johnson as Princess #12; Robert Maersch as Sir Luce; Cannon Adler as Sir Studley/ the 1st knight; Sterling Cooke as the 2nd knight; Jacob Stranathan as the 3rd knight; Leasa Lockard as Rowena; Moriah Adams as Merrill; Amanda Hadlock as Lucille; Alex Clark as the Kitchen Wench; Tori Cook as Emily/ Wench #2; Sarah McMillan as Lady Mabelle; Ramiro Gonzalez as Sir Harold; Kaycie Hall as Lady Beatrice; Olivia Ledford as the Nightingale Bird; Ashton Bennett as Sir Studley's Lady; Emily Watts as Sir Luce's Lady; Wyatt Stephen, Dylan Byrad, Johnny Reed and Chris Thomas as the male chorus/knights; and Brooke Jackson, Emily Dolan, Haley Elkins, Ashton Bennett, Emily Watts,!
and Caylee Gaston as the female chorus/ladies in waiting.

We hope to see you there!

Tabatha Babcock
Belton High School director

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