October 13, 2016

The Snake in the Grass- audition for young people

Slightly Off Broadway Theatre

The Snake in the Grass by Tim Kelly: Oct 29-30: 1 pm Sat; 2 pm Sun
A wild western melodrama and pure family fun!! Dainty Dakota Melody needs our sturdy hero, Sheriff Billy Bold to fight the villainous Silias Scavenger and Wild Prairie Rose. This zany comedy will have audiences hitched to their seats as they watch a speeding train race towards our powerless heroine, bound to a railway track! Directed by Colonsay Selby. This is a CENTER STAGE PLAYERS PRODUCTION!!! We will be looking for young actors to fill the roles. We will provide sides to read at auditions.
Slightly Off Broadway Theatre, 114 N Marietta St, (816) 637-3728, www.sobtheatre.org

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