August 1, 2016

Ladies of the Fly

What happens when a group of young girls re-imagine, workshop and perform their own unique take on William Golding's immortal novel The Lord of the Flies?

Find out in LADIES OF THE FLY, a new production by Lawrence's own Orange Mouse Theatricals.

Nine local girls (ages 8-16) worked closely with the Orange Mouse team of Cynthia Evans, local filmmakers/writers Mathew Klickstein, Kalee Forsythe, Justin Martinez and director Leah Towle on developing an entirely original play inspired by the themes of The Lord of the Flies.

After more than a year in development and six months of three-hour workshop sessions with the girls, Orange Mouse and its aforementioned associates concocted a unique, immersive hour-long theatrical experience that will invite audiences to fully enter the world, mind and imagination of this eclectic group of girls who are telling their own story about their day-to-day experiences in today's notably tempestuous but ever-evolving America.

With generous support from such local businesses as Grandstand Glassware & Apparel, Free State Brewery, the new art/food/culture space Culinaria and new art space Cider Gallery, LADIES OF THE FLY will premiere on Friday, August 26th from 5pm - 6pm at Cider Gallery (810 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence, KS) as part of their Final Friday event. A post-party with food and drinks will follow along with a q&a and discussion with the girls themselves at Culinaria, right up the street (512 E. 9th St., Lawrence, KS) from 6pm - 9pm.

A public reading/preview of the script with the co-writers and cast will take place at Culinaria on Saturday, August 13, 3pm - 4:30pm.

Having produced and performed numerous plays over the last few years in the local region, Orange Mouse Theatricals hopes to continue running LADIES OF THE FLY throughout the area as part of an educational tour of schools so students can experience this great classic of literature in a topical and contemporary way that will allow for more accessible connection.

In light of the recent surge of gender-bending genre creative machinations such as the all-female Ghostbusters reboot, LADIES OF THE FLY follows in the wake of a brighter era for female agency over such artistic expression. The producers are especially proud of the project having so directly taken on the influence of such a young group of girls whose expression itself is so fresh and vivacious.

A passionately progressive organization of creative individuals, Cynthia Evans' Orange Mouse Theatricals' most recent production was that of the provocative and iconic Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, featuring -- perhaps for the first time in this history of its successful four-decade run -- a transgender actress in the role of a prominent character who undergoes a sex change over the course of the play's narrative.

LADIES OF THE FLY is co-written, along with the girls in the cast themselves, by local author/filmmaker Mathew Klickstein and screenwriter/playwright Justin Martinez; produced by Mathew Klickstein and Cynthia Evans; assistant directed by local filmmaker/actress Kalee Forsythe and directed by local teacher/director Leah Towle.

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