August 7, 2016

Call for Directors! Barn Players 2017 Benefit Concert


Call for Director…

The Barn Players

Submit a letter of application to The Barn Players, along
with your resume. Please include your experience in
directing, your experience in creating original benefit
concerts (if any) and your reasons for applying to direct.
Also, please include a vision for the benefit concert,
including concept and structure, possible song selections
and the ideas for the physical production of the show. An
interview will then be scheduled with the Artistic Director &
Assistant Artistic Director of The Barn.

Deadline to Apply:
August 31st, 2016, with interviews to be scheduled shortly
thereafter, by appointment only.

Show Concepts from past Benefit have included:
Women of Rock

Revolution: A Tribute to the Beatles

You Can't Stop The Beat: Rock on Broadway

Avenue Q to Xanadu: Songs from Broadway Musicals of
the 21st Century

The rehearsal schedule is at the discretion of the director,
and can begin at any time. The St. Pius rehearsal space
can be available at any time beginning June 25th. The
show moves into The Barn space on Monday, July 31st,
2017 with performances taking place on August 11 & 12 at
7:30pm and August 13, 2017 at 2:00pm.

Casting / Production Team / Physical Production:
Casting the show may be accomplished by open auditions
for actors and / or by director invitation…or, a combination
of both. Attendance at the benefit performances is often
related to the size of the cast. The director is encouraged
to cast the show with 10 – 20 performers, balancing
genders and actively seeking a multi-racial cast for the
A small band of musicians is encouraged, which can be
simply one piano, a small combo or a small band.

The director is responsible for assembling the production
team for the project. There will be no monetary
compensation for any of the production team members or
musicians. As this is a benefit concert for The Barn Players,
they will be donating their time, energy and talent to the
process of creating the benefit for The Barn.

Director applicants are encouraged to have a creative, yet
minimal concept for the physical production of the show,
due to the short amount of time allotted for rehearsal time in
the space.

To submit an application or for more information, please
Eric Magnus, Artistic Director of The Barn Players

The Barn Players embraces diversity in all aspects of our
organization. Non-traditional and equal-opportunity
casting is encouraged.

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