May 2, 2016

Auditions for KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN coming in May to The Barn!


Kiss of the Spider Woman

Music by John Kander
Lyrics by Fred Ebb
Book by Terrence McNally

Directed by Eric Magnus
Musical Direction by Paul Morel
Asst. Direction by Shelly Stewart

May 7th and 8th, 2016
from 11:00am - 3:00pm
At St. Pius Church
55th and Woodson, Mission, KS

Auditions will be an open call both days, and will consist
singing a prepared 32 bar selection of a musical theatre
pop/rock song in the style of the show.
Please Provide: Sheet Music…no CDs & NO ACAPPELLA
Headshot/Resume (if available)
Invited Callbacks will be held on Saturday, May 21st from
1:00 - 5:00 pm. Please be prepared to read scenes and
sing songs from the show (sides will be provided). Also,
please dress appropriate to dance at callbacks. If you are
auditioning, please make sure to clear your schedule that
afternoon, as callbacks are critical to putting together the
strongest ensemble for this ensemble piece.
Rehearsals will begin Sunday, July 24th. Typical weekly
rehearsal schedule will be Sunday through Thursday
from 7 – 10pm. Conflicts with the rehearsal schedule
be kept to an absolute minimum during the rehearsal
process. No conflicts will be accepted during dress /
week (9/11 – 9/15)

September 16th – October 2th, 2016
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sundays at 2:00pm

All performances take place at…
The Barn Players Theatre
6219 Martway in Mission, KS

Kiss of the Spider Woman revamps a harrowing tale of
persecution into a dazzling spectacle that juxtaposes
realities with liberating fantasies. Cell mates in a Latin
American prison, Valentin is a tough revolutionary
undergoing torture and Molina is an unabashed
serving eight years for deviant behavior. Molina shares
fantasies about an actress, Aurora (originated on
by Chita Rivera) with Valentin. One of her roles is a
Woman who kills with a kiss.

We are looking for a multi-racial, high-energy cast of
performers for this Tony Award winning musical.

Aurora / Spider Woman 25 - 50, mezzo soprano: The
central figure of Molina's fantasy world – a "vampy diva",
stunning, dazzling and comforting in all her roles except
that of the Spider Woman, who is treacherous and
frightening to Molina. Role requires strong acting, singing
and movement.

Molina 30 - 45, tenor: A homosexual man serving an 8-
sentence for deviant behavior, who worked as a window
dresser. Very smart and imaginative with a tremendous
ability to shape language into images. Must be a strong
actor and singer and must move well.

Valentin 25 - 35, high baritone: A man imprisoned for his
'fanatical' political views. Passionate and angry, Valentine
carries a deep hatred for the corruption in the Argentine
government and is not afraid to fight against those who
would oppress the working class. Deeply suspicious, he
trusts no one. Must be a very strong actor and singer

Marta 23 - 30, soprano: Valentines love. Earthy and
beautiful. Appears mostly in dreams, but retains her
earthiness. Must be a strong actor and singer.

Molina's Mother 50 - 65, contralto: Molina's loving
Careworn, but warm and loving. Years of worrying about
son have taken their toll on her appearance and health.
Must be strong actor and singer.

Warden 40 - 55, speaking role: A hard-edged
Sharp and intelligent, he is not without a certain amount
charm which he uses to get the information he seeks.
Enjoys the position he holds. Strong actor needed.

Esteban and Marcos 25 - 45, speaking roles. Prison
Guards. Pretty funny and comedic, but can turn deadly on
dime. Must be comfortable with lifting bodies and
them around.

Gabriel 20 to 30, high baritone. Molina's current
infatuation. A waiter, handsome and straight. He is warm
and appealing, but not interested in Molina in the way
he wishes him to be. May double as prisoner.

Prisoners 20 - 45, all voices
An ensemble of 4-8 men who play prisoners that double
other characters. Looking for strong singers who can

For more information, please contact Eric Magnus,
Director of
The Barn Players, at

The Barn Players embraces diversity in all aspects of our
organization. Non-traditional and equal-opportunity
casting is encouraged.

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