August 7, 2013

AUDITIONS "An Evening With Jack Kennedy"...A Special Event


An Evening with Jack Kennedy

A Re-enactment of Sen. John F. Kennedy's appearance at Shawnee Mission East High School on October 22, 1960

JFK directed by Eric Magnus
Event produced & directed by Charles Schollenberger
Musical Direction by Jonathan Lane & Ken Foley

Sat. Aug. 31, 2013
from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

At St. Pius Church
55th and Woodson, Mission, KS

Auditions will be an open call, and will consist of recitation from a 13-minute speech given by Sen. John F. Kennedy at a banquet held at Shawnee Mission East High School on October 22, 1960.

Please Provide: Headshot/Resume (if available).
Invited Callbacks may be a part of the audition process and will be held at a later date.

Rehearsal sessions will be held sometime in late October and early November. The rehearsal schedule will consist of 4 – 5 rehearsals sessions, will be held on the weekends and will include a final dress rehearsal of the entire evening in November at Shawnee Mission East High School.

Given the limited rehearsal schedule, attendance is required at each. The first 3 or 4 rehearsals can be worked out between the director and the actor, as these rehearsals are one-on-one sessions.

Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013
at 6 p.m. through 7:30 p.m.

The performance takes place at…
The Shawnee Mission East High School Auditorium
7500 Mission Road in Prairie Village, KS

This original production has been two years in the making and commemorates a significant event in Prairie Village history as well as the 50th anniversary of the JFK presidency. It will be the only known such salute to this martyred president in Missouri and Kansas at a time when the news media will be remembering the 50th anniversary of his tragic death. While primarily a local and county event, people from across the state have been invited to attend.

Senator John F. Kennedy
The only cast role will be Sen. John F. Kennedy. We are looking for someone to play him with grace and dignity. JFK was known for his good looks, long-ish hair (for the time), for his wit and humor, and for his charisma. Some participants from the original 1960 SME event, who will participate in a panel discussion after the event, said there was a high level of anticipation among the crowd prior to his arrival. The night before JFK had appeared before millions of Americans on television in the last of the first modern presidential debates.

JFK's entry at SME was said to have "electrified" the crowd. Part movie star, part politician, and now legend, JFK has continued to fascinate Americans and the world in the 50 years since his death. Like the actor James Dean, he remains immortal – eternally 46-years-old – in the memories of those who knew and loved him. This event is intended to give the audience a little glimpse of the famous man who appeared here so many years ago and has now become a legend.

Who was this intensely personal, yet out-going man, a president who was perhaps as close to being an intellectual as any president since Thomas Jefferson? That is the fascinating enigma of JFK, who historians are still trying to understand. Some say that no one really knew the real JFK: that he played many roles to many people and revealed himself totally to no one.

The actor playing this role should exude Kennedy's confidence, fondness for crowds and for people, and should be willing to greet members of the audience and to sign autographs at the end of the program, as the campaigning politician JFK himself did in 1960. He will be invited to mingle with the cast and special guests in a private cast party to follow off-site.

For more information, please contact Eric Magnus, Artistic Director of
The Barn Players, at

The Barn Players embraces diversity in all aspects of our organization. Non-traditional and equal-opportunity casting is encouraged.

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