January 22, 2013

Moving Sculptures, Telling Stories - A movement for theater workshop

Byrd Productions Presents:
Moving Sculptures, Telling Stories - A movement for theater workshop by Kirsten Stephens

The moment you arrive on stage, before you even open your mouth, you have begun telling a story. Learning to sculpt your movements allows you to communicate with your audience more directly and with greater variety and precision. In this workshop we will delve into the techniques of both Marcel Marceau and Etienne Decroux (father of Corporeal Mime). We will explore the importance of weight, form, rhythm and breath in creating character, illusion, and story in search of a more complete actor.

At The New Centuries Follies Studio inside The Arts Asylum
1000 E 9th Street, Kansas City MO.64106
The New Century Follies National Conservatory of Vaudeville is on the third floor of the west wing. Enter through the stage door in the rear of the building, easily accessed in the parking lot.

Saturday and Sunday, March 23 & 24
10:00 - 5:00 both days
dress for movement, bring plenty of water and snacks
there will be a one hour lunch break.
- Contact Byrd Productions at 816-305-8188
to reserve your spot - or go to

Kirsten is a graduate of L'Ecole International de Mimordrame de Marcel Marceau in Paris,France. She first discovered the magic of inclinations and rotations and triple designs at a church
in Oklahoma City, finally deciding to head for Paris to audition for the school. She spent the next three years studying with Marceau, as well as the world's foremost practitioners of Corporeal
Mime (which is to mime what ballet is to dance), rounded out with classes in dance, fencing and acrobatics. Following graduation, Kirsten spent another year and a half touring Europe with
some of her classmates as Mime de Rien in an original production titled Le Pese, le Flouze, le Blé. Returning to the US, she moved to Minneapolis where she met Dean Hatton at the MargolisBrown physical theater company. Discovering a common love of mime-based
movement theater, the two have been working together as Kirsten and Dean since 2001.

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