January 24, 2013

David Gaines Returns to Kansas City, Feb 16th!

David Gaines Workshops - Levels 1 & 2

"7 x 1 Samurai"
Mr. Gaines' most recent show has
been the hit of Fringe Festivals all
across North America and Canada.
It was one of the most popular
shows in last summer's Kansas City
Fringe Festival.
For more information, go to

Explore the fundamental elements of performance
through movement and improvisation.
Learn from a master of international acclaim.

The Workshops
Each workshop lasts three hours,
and will entail some physical
exercises, some conceptual
exercises, and some
improvisational exercises.
The sessions are conducted with a
serious focus, but a playful

Saturday, February 16
Cost: $40 each session
Just off Broadway Theatre
3051 Penn Valley Drive, KC,MO
TO RESERVE: contact Byrd Productions
at www.byrdproductions.org
or call 816-305-8188

Morning Workshop
10:00 - 1:00
Space and Clarity in
Interaction and
How to use "personal space" and
the "imaginary space" to create
believable behavior and clear
interaction in performance.
This introductory workshop
presents exercises from the training
program at the Ecole Jacques
Lecoq in Paris, where Mr. Gaines
was a professor, alongside
Monsiour Lecoq himself.
The workshop is playful, fun, and
stimulating, no matter what your
level of theatrical experience.

Afternoon Workshop
2:30 - 5:30
Dramatic Presence,
Emotional Interplay, and
Crafting a Scene
From the dramatic power of
stillness through the seven levels of
dramatic tension, this workshop
will feature exercises to put into
play the principles of the
introductory workshop, and
explore further concepts in
exercises and in the context of
small group scenes developed and
crafted as in a working rehearsal

The Teacher
Mr. Gaines has taught at the Ecole Jacques
Lecoq in Paris as well as forming an
international touring company in London
that toured the world to great acclaim.
He has won many awards, including "Best
Solo Performer" (Capital Fringe), "Best in
Festival" (Orlando Fringe), Acclaim
Award (Cincinatti Enquirer), "Best in
Festival" (Ottawa Fringe), and "Best
Physical Theatre" (Victoria Fringe). His
show was held over in Winnipeg and
Minneapolis, and has sold out venues from
Edmonton to Tel Aviv.

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