January 23, 2012

FROZEN Auditions this Weekend!

She&Her Productions*

One evening ten-year-old Rhona goes missing. Her
mother, Nancy, retreats into a state of frozen
hope, searching for answers. Agnetha, an American
academic, comes to England to research a thesis:
"Serial Killing—A Forgivable Act?" Then there's
Ralph, a pedophilic loner who's looking for some
distraction. Drawn together by horrific
circumstances, these three embark on a long,
dark journey which finally curves upward into the
light. Angry, humane and compassionate, FROZEN is
an extraordinary play that entwines the lives of a
murderer, the mother of one of his victims and his
psychologist to explore our capacity for
forgiveness, remorse and change after an act that
would seem to rule them out entirely.
Unfathomable, dark and raw, FROZEN asks some hard-
hitting questions with some dangerous answers.
From beginning to end, this is a great gift of
live theatre that carries the audience safely away
to another time and place, only to return you
wiser and unharmed. "The difference between a
crime of evil and a crime of illness is the
difference between a sin and a symptom."

Saturday, January 28 (1-4PM) and Sunday, January
29 – 12-3PM (both days)
For an audition appointment or additional
information please contact the director, Nino
Casisi at akterboi1@aol.com.

Callbacks: Sunday, January 29 – 3-5PM (By
Director Invitation Only)

Location: River's Edge Theatre, 122 W. 5th St.,
Kansas City, MO

Production Dates: March 9, 10, 12*, 16 & 17 (*
denotes Industry Night)
PREPARE: A serious or dramatic monologue no more
than three (3) minutes in length.

This show relies heavily on monologues
so your ability to perform one with realism will
be to your advantage. You may be asked to read a
cold reading of a monologue
from the show as well. Please become familiar with
the script as these are deep and complex

Current Resume and a complete list of conflicts
from February 5 – March 17. Headshots are
welcome, but not
required. Rehearsals will start on Sunday,
February 5 and will basically run Sunday-Thursday,
until closer to Opening Night.

Women's Roles:
Nancy (age range 28-40) – a down-to-earth woman
who loves to putter in her garden. Nancy's 10-
year-old daughter Rhona has
gone missing, and she tells a funny story about
how she came to send Rhona off to deliver some
garden shears. She
speaks of her certainty that somehow, someday, her
younger daughter will return. That someday never
comes. She deals
with her only living child with less conviction as
she deals with the loss of Rhona. Complex and
genuine, her actions and
feelings about losing her daughter must be real
and heartfelt. Her character goes from denial to
confused to angry to
sympathetic (and every feeling in between).

Agnetha (age range 30-40) – an American
psychiatrist of Icelandic descent. She and a
fellow researcher have studied the brains
of murderers, seen the damage in men severely
abused as children, and has come to London to
write her thesis, "Serial
Killing: A Forgivable Act?" abroad in London. It's
a title designed to startle, and it does.

Men's Roles:
Ralph (age range 30-45) – a loner and
misunderstood pedophile murderer. His sordid and
abusive past brings to light why he
does what he does and uses his past as a modeling
tool for his future. His sick fascination of
murder leads him down an
icy path to a fiery hell but he has an attribute
about him that many audiences will find sympathy.
He has some powerful
monologues that will slam the audiences back into
their seats.

Guard (any age) – no lines, but needs to be
threatening and uphold peace in Ralph's holding

All characters in FROZEN go through a physical and
emotional change including aging as the show
progresses. You must be
able to age yourself via costumes, vocals,
physical appearance, characterization and
River Market, 122 W. 5th S, (816) 405-9200,

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