January 17, 2017

AUDITIONS for the Barn production of THE CRUCIBLE next month!


The Crucible

By Arthur Miller

Directed by David Martin
Assistant Direction, Set Design & Sound Design by
Steven James
Stage Management by DK Evenson
Lighting Design by Chuck Cline
Costume Design by Jenny Knecht
Props Design by Valerie Martin

Thursday, March 2nd
from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

At St. Pius Church
55th and Woodson, Mission, KS

Auditions will be an open call and will consist of cold
readings from the script. Callbacks are by invitation only
on Monday, March 6th from 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Please come to auditions with as close an idea as you can
as to your availability for June and July. The rehearsal
period will be a fairly standard Sunday-Thursday, 7-10 pm
schedule. All efforts will be made to arrange a rehearsal
schedule that allows for actors only to be called when
needed, but please try to keep conflicts to a minimum.
No conflicts will be accepted during the final week of

All characters, with the exception of Tituba, are from the
New England area and should speak with a more proper
Americanized nearly British accent. No character should
have a Boston accent, nor should they speak in full on
British accents. The best way to think about it would be
to think of an American Shakespearean actor aiming for a
regionless dialect.

If you have any questions about the process for this show
or expectations or to arrange an alternative audition time
should those dates not work for you or anything at all,
please contact David Martin at dmartin922@gmail.com.

July 14 - 30, 2017

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sundays at 2:00pm

Industry Night is Monday, July 24th at 7:30pm
All performances take place at…
The Barn Players Theatre
6219 Martway in Mission, KS

The Crucible is a dramatized and partially fictionalized
story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the
Massachusetts Bay Colony during the late 1600's. It
focuses on accusations, trials, heresay vs. evidence, and
character assassination. This production will take those
elements and paint a broader picture of persecution over
the entire history of witchcraft along with historical
moments of those wrongfully accused. Great attempts
will be made to bring the audience in as pseudo-jury
members for the trials portrayed within the play.

CAST BREAKDOWN (all ages listed refer to playable age
and not actual age):


John Proctor
A local farmer known for his independence and temper.
He is married to Elizabeth Proctor who is accused of
witchcraft by Abigail Williams, in part because Abigail and
John had a brief affair. John is also accused of witchcraft
and eventually sentenced to hang. (Male – late 30's-40's)
Elizabeth Proctor

A quietly strong frontier wife who is honest to a fault and
is accused of witchcraft by Abigail Williams. Married to
John, she is spared the death penalty due to the fact she
is pregnant. (Female – late 30's-40's)
Abigail Williams

Prior to the start of the play, worked as a maid for the
Proctors until she was fired by Elizabeth under suspicion
of an affair with John. The ringleader of the young girls
in terms of creating the witchcraft scare in Salem.
Reverend Parris' niece. (Female – 20's, young looking)
Reverend John Hale

A young minister from nearby Beverly, MA who is called in
due to his knowledge of witchcraft. At first, Hale
attempts to carry out the court's wishes, though he later
believes the entire situation to be false and fights for the
victims of false accusations. (Male – 30+)


Reverend Samuel Parris
The minister of Salem. He is obsessed with keeping up
his good reputation and assumes that anyone who does
not attend church regularly or fails to recognize his piety
is someone not to be trusted. (Male – 40's)
Mary Warren

Replaced Abigail Williams as maid to the Proctors. She is
alternatingly weak and strong when faced with pressure
from others. She is a mostly sympathetic character who
seems to simply be in over her head. (Female – 20's,
young looking)

Deputy Governor Thomas Danforth
The chief judge of the court, he is power hungry and
believes in wielding his power over any and all who are
accused. According to Arthur Miller, he is the true villain
of the play for he should know better than to let the trials
proceed. (Male – 45+)

Judge John Hathorne
A judge of the court who essentially believes Abigail
against all evidence to the contrary. (Male – 40+)

Giles Corey
A close friend to the Proctor family, his wife is falsely
accused of witchcraft. He is frequently accused of
various crimes himself, so he knows the law. He may
resemble a town drunk, but he is smart, honest, strong,
and outspoken. Must be visibly strong. (Male – late

Slave of the Parris family, Tituba came to Salem from
Barbados. She has knowledge of a mystical nature and
helps the girls become infatuated with magic. This
character will speak in a Barbados dialect. (Female,
African American – any age)

Rebecca Nurse
Well respected and pious, Rebecca is accused of both
witchcraft and infanticide by Ann Putnam – Rebecca had
worked as a nursemaid for Ann. Married to Francis.
(Female – 60+)

Francis Nurse
Tries incredibly hard to clear his wife's name and his
other friends who have been accused. Married to
Rebecca. (Male – 60+)

Ezekiel Cheever
Clerk of the court responsible for crafting and carrying
out warrants for arrest. (Male – any age)

Betty Parris
The young daughter of Reverend Parris, the play opens
with her being ill. This sets off belief that she was
caused illness by witchcraft. (Female – 15ish, must look
younger than the other girls)

Thomas Putnam
A rich landowner trying to use accusations of witchcraft
to buy up land cheaply from those convicted. (Male – late

Susanna Walcott
One of the group of girls experimenting with magic.
(Female – 20's, young looking)

Mercy Lewis
One of the group of girls experimenting with magic.
(Female – 20's, young looking)

Ann Putnam/Sarah Good/Martha Corey (these three roles
will be combined)
Ann accuses Rebecca Nurse after seeing seven of her
children die shortly after birth. Sarah is essentially
accused for being strange. Martha (who we never see)
has some questionable books about witchcraft and is
eventually sentenced to die. (Female – late 30's-40's)

Marshal George Herrick
A heavy drinker, Marshal Herrick carries out warrants and
guards the inmates under arrest. (Male – any age)

NOTE – The Role of Hopkins has been cut.

For more information, please contact Eric Magnus,
Artistic Director of
The Barn Players, at emagnitude@me.com

The Barn Players embraces diversity in all aspects of our
organization.  Non-traditional and equal-opportunity
casting is encouraged.

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