April 2, 2016

Fangirls (an improbable cosplay) to be part of KC Fringe 2016

Fangirls (an improbable cosplay), written by
Jessie Salsbury and produced by Brick Street
Theatre, will be included in the Kansas City
Fringe Festival of 2016. Open roles are for 3
women and 1 man. 1 of the women cast must be an
African-American woman, as the character works
through discrimination as a cosplayer, which is
central to the play's theme and scope.

Fangirls (an improbable cosplay) brings us girl
characters who celebrate comic books, science
fiction and cosplay, while being shamed and
marginalized for doing so, though female authors
pioneered the stories of science fiction,
mysteries and superheroes in the 1800s and early

Auditions and cold readings for Fangirls (an
improbably cosplay) will take place on Sunday,
April 17th from 2 pm to 4pm at the Westport
Coffeehouse Downstairs meeting room, 4010
Pennsylvania Ave. For more information, contact
Jessie Salsbury at (913) 827-6378,

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