February 9, 2016

The KC Improv Company Presents Deadly Love

Contact: Michael Foster, Marketing Manager
Kansas City, MO, February 9th, 2016

The KC Improv Company Presents Deadly Love

KC Improv Company Combines Dinner Theater, Improv, Murder
Mystery, and Valentine's Day

The KC Improv Company is in the middle of its first season of
2016. Included in its line up of shows are The Unwritten Works of
William Shakespeare, Presto! The Musical, The Harold, and The
Unusual Suspects: An Improvised Murder Mystery. For Valentine's
Day, the professional comedy group has decided to select one of
its formats for a special Sunday presentation.

Sunday, February 14th's show is entitled Deadly Love. It will be a
combination of Whose Line Is It Anyway style improv games and
KC Improv's The Unusual Suspects, one of its long-form
mainstage shows. The performance stars KC Improv members
Bobby Miller, Jr., Chris Fiedler, David Martinez, Jessica Hagge,
Meghan Anderson, and is hosted by Michael Foster.

The Unusual Suspects is a character-driven murder mystery
comedy inspired by suggestions from the audience. Previous
shows have taken place at Disneyland, Dairy Queen, Da Club, and
a bathroom. The audience randomly and secretly selects a cast
member, which decides who will be the victim. At the end of the
performance, the audience votes for the most likely murderer, and
the fateful act is reenacted.

Tickets include a meal at Green Room Burgers and Beer before the
show. Attendees can select a burger and fries or grilled cheese
and tomato soup entrees. Alcohol is available during the show.

The show has become a recent crowd favorite, breaking box office
records for the company's Friday 10pm slot. The short-form and
long-form portion of Deadly Love will feature a Valentine's Day
theme. Doors open at 7pm, and the performance begins at

The KC Improv Company performs every Friday and Saturday
night at the Kick Comedy Theater in Westport. Shows are 8pm and
10pm, Friday and Saturday nights, with a 6:30pm all-ages show
every Saturday.

Deadly Love
Sunday, February 14th 7:30pm
Dinner before the show at Green Room Burgers and Beer. Doors
open 7pm.

Kick Comedy Theater
4010 Pennsylvania Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64111
You deserve some fun.
KC Improv Company. Laugh Loud!

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