October 20, 2014

Byrd Productions Presents: Mime ~ The Art of Physical Eloquence

Mime ~ The Art of Physical Eloquence

This three hour workshop is crafted not just for the performer who desires
to deepen their physical work, but just as importantly, for any professional
who uses the stage as a platform for communication.

The first thing the observer (audience) comes in contact with is the physical eloquence of the presenter.
This instrument known as the human body is the foundation of everything you do.
Knowing how to use, manipulate and express the body
is the essence of what the art of mime is all about.

During this three hours we will explore an array of techniques that will aid you in this creative
journey. We will start with a focused warm up that will blend into technique for several illusions,
character work (both human and non-human) and some of the elements.
My objective is for you to have a few applicable concepts and techniques that you can apply to
anything you (even you if you speak) do on stage. Your physical presence on stage will enhance
what you want to communicate and your presentation will never be the same.

Come dressed for freedom of movement and lets have a great and creative time.

Saturday, November 8
2:00 - 5:00
$30 - Get your tickets by clicking HERE!
at the old Korruption Space
1717 W 9th Street
Kansas City MO
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Antonio Rocha, born and raised in Brazil, came to the USA in 1988 to study with mime master
Tony Montanaro at the Celebration Barn Theatre. This became a 15 year professional
relationship that shaped everything Mr. Rocha does on stage.
Mr. Rocha was also invited to attend a two week intensive invitational only workshop with
Marcel Marceau in Gambier Ohio.
These two main opportunities plus several workshops from various theatre professionals and a
Summa Cum Laude Bachelor in Theatre arts from the University of Southern Maine,
gave Mr. Rocha the foundation needed to create his unique blend of mime and storytelling.
Antonio Rocha has toured his unique work across 6 continents at venues including
the Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian Institution, Wolf Trap, The National Storytelling Festival
and various other venues and Festivals across the USA, Canada, Europe and beyond.
Mr. Rocha has presented a TEDx talk called Transitions in Eloquence and his physical work has
even gained the attention and compliments of Cirque du Soleil directors.
For more information please visit

For his performance schedule in the 15th Annual Kansas City Storytelling Celebration - go to http:

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