November 20, 2013

GREASE is the WORD at Ruskin High School!

Ruskin High School Theatre

GREASE by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey:
Nov 21-23: 7 pm Thr-Sat

Grease is the Word! While tackling themes such as love, friendship, teenage rebellion, adolescence, and class consciousness; the musical Grease also brings back wonderful memories for so many of us. It is a classic story and movie that will never be forgotten. It is truly a slice of American culture - this show is designed to make you smile and laugh and maybe even relive your high school days. A-Wop-Ba-Ba-Lu-Bop! A Wop-Bam-Boom!

Directed by Kelly Michale.

Featuring Akilah Bryan, Alex Arnold, Cindy Menjivar, Delshon Bradford, Itohan Amayo, Antonio Cisneros, Rhiannon Hinnkle, Markus Snead, Jhane Davis, Colin Thomas, Crsytal Rhodes, Christian Graham, Vincent Pellettiere, Shardae Williams, Lauren McClure, Hershel Rockett, Kristal Whitaker, Darrell Sasser, and Cherie Ramsey.

Ruskin High School Theater,
7000 E 111th St,
(816) 316-7382, (Suitable for Everyone)

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