October 7, 2013

The Big DAMN Dirty CLOWN Show is your Sexy Sultry Saturday Show!

Byrd Productions & The New Centuries Follies
are proud to present:
The Big DAMN Dirty CLOWN Show

Come see clowns take it in the face

The FIRST ANNUAL showcase of
big, bad, blue, bawdy buffoons,
sexy, seductive, slinky smartasses,
and playful, peculiar, prankster peelers!

Saturday, October 12, 8:00pm
The Just Off Broadway Theater, 3051 Central, KCMO 64108.
www.byrdproductions.org for tickets!

These jocular jesters have dredged up their bluest, most adult material... Those acts that have been kicking around the cobwebby corners of their dirty minds just crying to be thrust into the spotlight. Booze will be consumed, jokes will be jested, flesh will be exposed. These aren't your typical birthday clowns...

Performances by:
Paco Fish - In the midst of his whirlwind, worldwide 'Vanguard Tour!'
Lady Jack - Visiting from Chicago for one spectacular show only!
Damian Blake – Professional Hobo and Whiskey Tester!
Annie Cherry - Seductive Red-Nosed Siren!
Opal Malone - Infamous 'Jazz Boob' Theatrical Artiste!
Sweet Louise - Is she sweet, hmmmm... or is she SPICY?!
Bumble and Buzz - And what a stinger!!
The Flock - A Company of Clowns... a Freakckton of Fooles!
Marty Honig - The World's Oldest Pole Dancer!
Beth Byrd – Physical Theater Artist and Giggliest Mime Ever!
Heidi Van - Professional 'Maker of Great' and 'Purveyor of Awesome!'
Peyton Westfall of Cirque du Gay- A Dominating Presence with a Balloon!
Dennis Porter of Cirque du Gay- He really knows how to cook!
Hank E. Panky - Tom Cat Extraordinaire!

"Things are about to get freaktacularly cramazing up in this grand cram mother juggler!!"
-Anonymous Creatively Stifled Clown

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